Confidentiality checklist

Walk the Talk have pulled together the main issues to be addressed when thinking about confidentiality. Our confidentiality checklist is designed to be flexible so you can alter and shape it to meet the needs of your own service and community.

The following organisations have plenty more advice on the topic of confidentiality:

If you’d like to contact someone directly, please email the Walk the Talk team.

We keep it zipped resources

We've created resources that you can download and print off to reassure young people that the health service you provide is confidential. The resources include:

Confidentiality checklist

Does your service have a policy on confidentiality?

Is this a written policy?

Does this mention teenagers and young people under 16?

When was this policy last discussed at a team meeting?

Do new members of the team have to sign up to the policy when they join?

Is there a statement about confidentiality and young people in your service leaflet?

Does it specifically mention young people under 16?

Are there notices in your practice which explain the confidentiality policy:

  • In the waiting room?
  • In the corridors?
  • In GP consulting rooms?
  • In nurse consulting rooms?

Do members of your team meet to discuss issues in applying the confidentiality policy when they arise?

Do you provide training in how to apply your confidentiality policy for:

  • receptionists
  • nurses
  • GPs
  • secretaries and other members of staff?
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